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CC06 has been created by recording all sounds directly from an original (1982) Roland TR606 with the adding feature of full velocity layering in both clean and ‘crushed enhanced’ versions. Formatted to work with Logic Pro X Sampler, the meticulously recorded samples were treated to both light and heavy doses of circuitry crushed (hence CC) processing providing plenty of tonal variety as an alternative to the pristine ‘clean’ version. All samples are looped and tempo synced


The CC06 will give you the tools you need to build your own distinctive 606 electro patterns with plenty of character.


The CC06 will appeal to genres such as Ambient, Chillout, Downbeat, Electronica and Experimental.


This 142.7MB library contains a collection of the following:


1x CC06 Clean Kit

1x CC06 Medium Crush Kit

1x CC06 Heavy Crush Kit


20x CC06 Clean Loops (Host Sync)

20x CC06 Medium Crush Loops (Host Sync)

20x CC06 Heavy Crush Loops (Host Sync)

CC06 - Logic Pro X Sampler

SKU: SU549
  • Format: Logic Pro X Sampler 10.5.0