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EDG-20 (Elektro Drum Generator) instrument is based on a large set of meticulously produced samples derived from the legendary Linn LM series of retro drum machines with the addition of a separate ‘sub’ kick that can be layered to add weight.


Formatted for Logic Pro X Sampler this instrument features a velocity-layered kit and 81 ready-made loops designed to tempo sync to your DAW host. Based on loops originally created at between 84bpm, and 136bpm and with both both clean and sympathetically effected versions, this library is especially well-suited to genres such as ambient, chillout, down-tempo, electronica, experimental and retro.



11 Dry Drum Loops (Host Sync)

191 Kit Samples

50 FX Drum Loops (Host Sync)

10 Hat Loops (Host Sync)

EDG-20 - Logic Pro X Sampler

SKU: SU547
  • Format: Logic Pro X Sampler 10.5.0