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Nuphoric Elements was created by merging analog and digital sound sources with dynamic shaping such as EQ, multi band compression and further processing that included reverbs, delays and filtering.


Euphoric Elements come with 14 Logic Pro X Sampler instruments consisting of tempo-synced bass loops, keys/synth/pad loops, drum loops and tops loops along with fx, one-shots, vox chops as well as numerous one-shot drums.


Nuphoric Elements was created in collaboration with UK based music producer, Farsi and is influenced by the late ‘90s and early ‘00s euphoric, chill out and ambient fields. 




15 Bassloops

20 Claps

23 Closed Hats

12 Cymbals

29 Drum Loops

27 Kicks

16 Open Hats

12 Ride Cyms

30 Snares

12 Tops Loops

42 FX+One Shots

28 Keys/Synth/Pad Loops

16 Material

15 Vox Chops




Nuphoric Elements - Logic Pro X Sampler

SKU: SU545
  • Format: Logic Pro X Sampler 10.5.0