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Partial Structures has been created using classic synths combined with creative processing to produce a combination of loops and a choice of short or long phrase one-shot samples.


Formatted for use with Logic Pro X Sampler, Partial Structures comes with 35 tempo sync’d loops and 103 one-shot patches comprising of 43 short phrase and 56 long phrase samples. With influences such as early 90’s ‘Tech House’  this sample library would easily fit into ambient house chill out, soundtrack and the wider music production field.


Partial Structures samples are derived from an eclectic mix of electronic sound sources employing multiple layers with appropriately creative processing such as filter-shaping, pitch-shifting, rhythmic panning and a subtle blend of smooth reverbs and textured delays. Sample loops can be used just as they come or can easily be chopped and truncated to create completely new loops.



35 Loops (Host Sync)

56 One-Shot (Long Phrase)

43 One-Shot (Short Phrase)

Partial Structures - Logic Pro X Sampler

SKU: SU548
  • Format: Logic Pro X Sampler 10.5.0