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Satur809 is based on meticulously recorded samples recorded using original TR808 and 909 machines. In addition to the pristine ‘clean' samples, there are also alternatives treated to both light and more assertive doses of tape compression via a Studer A80 providing plenty of tonal variety. All samples are looped and tempo synced


The Satur809 will appeal to all genres the only limitation is imagination 


This 354.5MB library contains a collection of the following:


1x 808 Clean Kit

1x 808 Medium Saturation Kit

1x 808 Heavy Saturation Kit


25x 808 Clean Loops (Host Sync)

25x 808 Medium Saturation Loops (Host Sync)

25x 808 Heavy Saturation Loops (Host Sync)


1x 909 Clean Kit

1x 909 Medium Saturation Kit

1x 909 Heavy Saturation Kit


25x 909 Clean Loops (Host Sync)

25x 909 Medium Saturation Loops (Host Sync)

25x 909 Heavy Saturation Loops (Host Sync)

Satur809 - Logic Pro X Sampler

SKU: SU550
  • Format: Logic Pro X Sampler 10.5.0