TR Heaven provides 32 presets/patches including all the necessary samples, each carefully recorded from the original classic drum machines. TR Heaven loads into Logic Pro's Ultrabeat where the included sounds encompass such classics as the Roland 505, 606, 626, 707, 727, 808 and 909 Rhythm Composers. Included are meticulously programmed patterns to suit genres such as Chill, Electro, House, Latin, Leftfield, Techno and more. These have been dynamically shaped in great detail using Ultrabeat’s powerful features such as velocity, pan and step automation. All presets have been mapped where appropriate and are listed with their original tempo. Furthermore, you get the full sound set from all Rhythm Compossers included in this library.

TR Heaven - Logic Pro Ultrabeat

SKU: SU501
    • Format: Logic Pro X - Ultrabeat
    • Patches/Presets: 32 (Inc. samples).
    • Genre: Electro, House, Latin, Leftfield and Techno

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